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A healthy team is the key to a more productive work environment. Increase your team's mental and physical health with our innovative technology and maximize their potential in the workplace.

  • Office exercise routines
  • Mental health support
  • Mindfulness
  • Healthy lifestyle workshops
  • Nutrition guides
  • Medication reminder
  • Health progress tracking
  • Live news blog

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Your team deserves the best.

Corpy's holistic approach supports and enhances your team's mental, physical, and spiritual health. At the same time, it helps optimize your company's performance and increase employee satisfaction.

57% of high-risk individuals undergoing workplace rehabilitation reached low-risk status
57% Reduced Health Risk
Effective health programs reduced voluntary turnover rates by 60%
60% Lower Voluntary Turnover Rate
Every dollar invested in the program resulted in a six-dollar saving in health expenditures
$6 Save on Health Costs
89% of employees in companies with health programs reported being satisfied with their jobs and would recommend them to others
89% Keep Your Team Happy
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Corpy's library

Corpy's library is rich in content and the number of these contents is increasing every day. A wide range of diverse content is available, from meditation videos to physical exercises.

1000+ Video/Podcast:
Empower yourself both mentally and spiritually with every video watched!
200+ Exercise Programs:
Improve your physical health with every exercise performed!
10+ Events:
Disconnect from the world momentarily and relax!
500+ Animations:
Empower yourself both mentally and spiritually with every video watched!
∞ Diet Plans:
Use ready-made plans or have your plan personalized by health experts!
8000+ Medications:
Add your medication and track it, we'll remind you!

Our difference: Our solutions

In the busyness of your work life, Corpy is by your side as a reliable support for all your health-related issues and questions!

Do you have mental problems or persistent worries?

Relax with breath and meditation modules on Corpy.

Are you inactive throughout the day?

With Corpy's physical therapy module, do AI-supported exercises whether you're sitting or standing.

Are you under intense stress?

Open Corpy and do breathing exercises or meditations according to your mental state.

Do you have complaints about your health?

Record your health problems through Corpy or have a video consultation with a healthcare professional.

In your free time or coffee break,

Learn useful health information with Corpy's health assistant module prepared by experts.

Do you have regular medications to take?

Corpy makes it easy to track your medication; just enter your medication and the time you need to take it.

Do you care about your nutrition?

Set your plan from the diet module and let Corpy assist you in your meals.