Reach an advanced level in patient management.

Our comprehensive solution offered to healthcare professionals enables them to strengthen relationships with patients, track patients' progress in all conditions, and carefully monitor their development.

  • Tracking health data
  • Creating and tracking diet plans
  • Creating and tracking exercise plans
  • Tracking patient complaints
  • Detailed data analysis
  • Patient medication tracking
  • Online appointments
  • Alert system for critical values

Our references

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Your patients are never alone.

All the resources needed to better track your patients are at your fingertips. Analyze your patients' data with the Health Pro Panel. Understand your patient's health condition in the best possible way with data that you can view either graphically or as a list!

Increased patient adherence by 35%
Increased patient loyalty by 74%
Increased patient quality of life by 56%

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Patient management is now very easy

Through the Health Pro Panel, patients are provided with free access to the Corpy mobile application. While patients complete their daily goals, health professionals following them perform instant analyses.

Only 10 minutes a day.
Regardless of the number of patients, checking all patients in the doctor panel is faster than a face-to-face appointment.
Simple design.
You can access everything you want in the Health Pro Panel in the simplest way.
Instant updates.
Any change made for the patient in the Health Pro Panel is instantly updated in the patient's mobile application.
Quick appointment creation.
The healthcare professional can schedule an appointment for the patient he wants to meet in just 20 seconds.
Support is with you.
When an unexpected situation occurs in the Health Pro Panel or Corpy application, our support team is ready to assist you as soon as possible.

Meet the Health Pro Panel.

With CorPal's Health Pro panel, stay directly connected with patients using the Corpy application. After patients dedicate 10 minutes to procedures, perform analyses and conduct online consultations if necessary.

Ensuring continuity of healthcare

By bridging health journeys, make remote continuous care plans possible. Your patients are always under observation.

Improving patient outcomes and engagement

Increase patient outcomes and engagement with personalized, data-driven care strategies for optimal care. Your patients should never feel alone.

Flexibility for healthcare professionals

Access a wider patient base and increased revenue without the limitations of physical office space. Tracking the increasing number of patients is also very easy in your virtual office.

Cost reduction

Conduct your appointments remotely and effectively manage patient care, benefit from secure, fast, and efficient solutions offered to connect with patients anywhere.

Changing plans has never been easier

Changes to exercise and diet plans made from the panel are immediately updated in your patient's Corpy application. Your patient continues with updated plans without wasting time.

Healthcare professionals are not alone on this journey

Our Doctor Pro Panel is developed to lighten the workload of healthcare professionals.

Our certifications

The solutions offered by CorPal are developed in accordance with health management principles.

ISO 9001 Quality ManagementISO 27001 Information Security ManagementISO 15504 SPICE Software Process Improvement and Capability DeterminationTurkish Ministry of Health Digital Archive SystemTurkish Ministry of Health Remote Health InformationMinistry of Culture and Tourism Registration