Manage your health with a holistic perspective.

Corpy strengthens health management and provides a personalized experience by offering features such as psychological therapy, self-care, physical therapy, and more.

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Corpy was born out of the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

Corpy has a specific goal and purpose. Developed within a framework of a defined plan aligned with this purpose, it is continuously evolving. In addition to focusing on solving three main problems, Corpy also aims to raise awareness within the community.

Four out of five deaths today are caused by chronic diseases.
75% of patients are living with mental health issues.
80% of patients do not have access to physical rehabilitation.

Our goal is your health.

Corpy makes daily life easier for individuals battling long-term health conditions and strengthens their health management. Everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle is available in Corpy.

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Take Your Medications on Time.
Monitor your health with customized reminders.
Rest Your Mind.
Improve your mental well-being with psychological support and meditation exercises.
Your Journey to Healthy Eating.
Reach the ideal nutrition regimen through personalized diet plans.
Stay Connected with Your Healthcare Professional.
Don't miss appointments with easy and accessible online consultations.
Regain Your Mobility Freedom.
Provide the most effective rehabilitation with personalized physical therapy programs.
Monitor Your Health Instantly.
Stay constantly informed about the status of your body through comprehensive health data.

Take the first step today

The setup process only takes two minutes, then you'll only need to dedicate ten minutes of your day on a daily basis.

Is the road to your health too complicated?

All the necessary processes in Corpy are prearranged and listed for you. Download, log in, and complete the steps every day in order!

Step 1

Download the application and register with your doctor code.

Step 2

Fill out the survey, complete the setup, and start your health journey.

Step 3

Track your progress by logging in every day!

Read, listen, watch, and apply!

Corpy's comprehensive library offers constantly expanding rich content. From meditation videos to physical exercises, a wide range of diverse content is available.

1000+ Video/Podcast
Lay the foundation for your health journey with videos and podcasts tailored to your condition by healthcare professionals. Enhance your knowledge.
200+ Exercise Programs
Find a suitable exercise program for yourself with a library of exercises created for different regions and muscle groups!
10+ Events
Take deep breaths with events, disconnect from the world momentarily, and relax!
500+ Animations
Don't wonder how to do each exercise, let the animations guide you!
∞ Diet Plans
Use ready-made plans or have your plan personalized by health experts!
8000+ Medications
You can find every medication available at the pharmacy in Corpy's medication library. Add your medication and track it, we'll remind you!